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30 April 2009

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25 April 2009

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24 April 2009

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Radio Flyer
23 April 2009

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Flicker at the feeder
20 April 2009

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Mt. Hood, northern Oregon
24 January 2009

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23 January 2009

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3 December 2008

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Black and White
25 October 2008

Recent Comments

"Marie" :-) on Camellia
Terri this is a great shot, lovely colours and very clear photo. Beautiful capture, great clarity.

Srujan Chennupati on Your Inner Tulip
Beautiful and an amazing macro. Great shot, Terri. Love the details and the colors.

Pavan Kaul on Stella gives a tea party
Lovely shadows in this well composed and detailed picture!

Elora on Flicker at the feeder
What a funny position he's in! Very creative shot :)

Sarito on Flicker at the feeder
Excellent shot Terri.. Very clear!

Anouk on Promise

zecarlos on Barn Owl
Just amazing. I love it.

zecarlos on Western screech owl
Very well done. Congrats.

Judy on Apple blossoms
Wow ... that's a macro macro!

Jason Kravitz on Western screech owl
nice capture - reminds me of Twin Peaks (which I started watching again recently) ' the owls are not ...

B. Thomas on Western screech owl
Nice composition. He is beautiful.

B. Thomas on Bald eagle - talons of steel??
Almost scary, but beautiful.

Steve on Bald eagle - talons of steel??
Very Powerful Image. I like this alot.

Vachel on Macaw
nice composition and lighting..

B. Thomas on Barn Owl
Beautiful. Bet that was a fun photo class.

Ana Lúcia on Baby Sam with mom Rose-
A lovely family portrait.

Magda on Koi pond - breakfast time
LOL great capture!

Magda on She's got the whole world...
simply beautiful! so precious

Magda on Rufous Hummingbird dines at the ribies bush
splendid capture!

Magda on Redtail hawk
great detail! interesting framing

Magda on Baby Sam with mom Rose-
What a beautiful capture!

B. Thomas on Portland's Union Station seen through a sculpture
Love the framing - very interesting shot.

Elora on Portland's Union Station seen through a sculpture
Good idea to use the sculpture as a natural frame for your shot!

Elora on Western kestrel
he has some strange colouring. Nice shot!

LauraS on Western kestrel
WoW, that is a wonderfully close shot. The bird is so detailed, love the yellow feet, and the spotted feathers, red ...

"Marie" :-) on Western kestrel
What a beautiful and colourful bird. I love his yellow feet. The tree is budding too, ready for spring. Thanks for ...

jim on The Scream
i totally see it!! good job.

"Marie" :-) on The Scream
Hi, yes I see it...... lovely shot, and it is really sad to see the daff in its final days.

"Marie" :-) on Scrub jay complaining
Terri, this is beautiful, such detail and the colours are spot on. Beautiful work, well done.

Ana Lúcia on Blowing bubbles

Godo on Fishing buddies
Nice shot. Great compo Love the definition lines (bridge, column, etc) Well done, Terri ;o)

Eros on She's got the whole world...
oh look at those hands... so cute

Eros on Fading daffodils
very nice macro... cool

"Marie" :-) on Fading daffodils
Hi Terri, this is a great shot, amazing macro. Love the lighting and the textured of the petals. Really stunning and ...

Buddy on Fading daffodils
Very nice and crisp, detail and colors are beautiful.

zahai on Escher-esque - in the mall
cool capture. beautifully done :)

Eye Spy on Escher-esque - in the mall
Great shot, idea, process and final result. I love it!

Allan Claark on Escher-esque - in the mall
cool shot and nice portfollo

marie on Paperwhites
Hi Terri, this looks like a bridal bouquet, very lovely and so well captured. thank you for sharing.

Jen on Ms P discovers daffodils
Very sweet shot!

Mandy Provan on Ms P discovers daffodils
So Sweet. You can see she is enthralled with her find!

marie on Quince bush in bloom
Awesome macro. I love the soft colours and the flower centre is captured perfectly. Well done.

DarkElf on You've Got Mail
cool shot! good angle and good DOF to set focus on the front few lockers...

Laura on You've Got Mail
great image. Very beautiful mail boxes!

JTF on Captured in a droplet
Great shot, love it !

Elora on Captured in a droplet

Scene by Sharon Photography on Captured in a droplet
fantastic capture!

Barbara on Captured in a droplet

QUIM on Sousaphone busker
Thank you for visiting my site and I loved your musical shot with wit and color!

fanfan on Baffled squirrel
wouahou !!! extra !!!

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